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Want a professional image of your property or architectural space?

Covering Essex and London, I work with my clients to provide a professional and polished image of your property or architectural space.

For architectural spaces and high end properties, I use a process called light painting where many images are taken of the space at different exposures and with/without flash in different areas of the image, and then the best from each image are processed to all become one amazing image that you just can't get with one shot!

Below are some images recently taken in a Tower in London with before and after images.  For these results a lot of time is spent in post-processing mixing the many images taken on the shoot to give these great results you see below.


To aid with a great composition of the exterior, many things have to be considered such as the surrounding landscape and if it should be included, what time of day it should be taken at, what should be in the foreground and background.


Interior architectural photography relies on ambient light as well as flash lighting to light an interior space but without it looking artificial.  The approach is to make it look as attractive as possible without the viewer thinking it has been 'photoshopped'. To do this we take many exposures of the same image and use post-processing editing to achieve a balanced lighting scheme.


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